Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Lovely Tea…

At our home school co-op this year, Morgan took a Keepers of the Home class.  She really enjoyed it.  The ladies taught the young girls manners, hospitality, things about keeping a home, and all of the girls had a great time.  Each girl made a darling trivet for their mom to end the semester.  Morgan gave me mine last week, and of course it has a giant butterfly on it…she knows how much I LOVE them.

This past Saturday all of the moms were invited to a tea with their daughters.  We sat out in the backyard of one of the teacher’s, and enjoyed fresh fruit, chicken salad on tiny pieces of toast, some desserts, and lovely iced tea.  The girls had to sit with their moms, and take care of any needs they may have.  It was really a lovely day, and a great end to the class.

This first picture is of the whole class of girls… Morgan is just behind Madeline, the darling little redhead in the front row.


Here is a picture of the girls with all of their moms.  I was taking the picture :) Morgan is sitting down in front with the white headband…


Here is my beautiful girl…

Here is a picture of Morgan’s BFF, Julia.  We adore this little girl… I just love the little freckles on the bridge of her nose. :) Isn’t she lovely?

Now you’ll see where she gets her lovely looks.  Here is a picture of Julia’s Mama, and her little sister Becca…

Caught sweet Madeline REALLY enjoying that food! LOVE the red hair!

Just caught one of the other moms enjoying a strawberry.  I forgot I had my zoom lens on, but I like how it turned out.  I decided to have a little fun with it, and put a focal black/white effect on it.  I likey :)

It was a really fun morning, and I really enjoyed getting to have that special time with my daughter hearing about all she learned this semester, and just enjoying her company!  Thank you Katrina, Amy, and Ann for teaching these little girls to be Godly keepers of their homes!

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C said...

Beautiful pictures. You have such a talent and of course Morgan is as beautiful as EVER! I bet this was such a fun memory to make!!! I wish the girls had something special to do like this. Was it with your church or a homeschool group or something? Looks so nice! I wanna learn how to do the thing like you did where it's black and white and one or two things has color. Again, you are so very talented! My new camera is an upgrade of the exact other camera I had. A Sony Cybershot. 16 megapixels. I really love it. I am sure it is nothing compared to what you have but it works good for me. I don't know how to use lenses and such. I should learn but I get frustrated very easily! LOL! How are you guys?
Love, Cass