Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Anniversary…16 years!


Last Friday, Andy and I celebrated 16 years of marriage.  If you knew our “story”, 16 years is pretty amazing.  There was a time when I wasn’t sure I’d make it to 10.  Andy would have gone the distance…I on the other hand, was ready to bail on everything in my life, including my marriage.  How dare God disrupt the perfect life I had imagined for myself…yep, that bad.

Thankfully, in 2005 God knocked me off of that “high horse” I was on, helped me see my sin, and forgave me.  I paid a HIGH PRICE for that sinful time in my life, but not at the expense of my marriage…thank the Lord!

God knew that Andy was the perfect man for me.  He is not perfect, but he is perfect for me.  I could not have walked the journey I have the last 16 years, with anyone but him.  I would not want to walk it with anyone else.  We have a marriage that is built on love, trust, honesty (wasn’t always there), grace, forgiveness, and hope.  This man God has given me points me to Christ DAILY.  He loves me like I’ve never been loved by another person in my life.  He accepts me for who I am, and doesn’t try to change me and make me into who he thinks I should be.  He encourages me to keep striving to be the woman GOD wants me to be, and just loves me, differences and all.

There has never been another man in my life that I can talk to like Andy.  I have never been afraid to talk to him, and that is a big difference from other men in my life.  From the moment I met him, I have never been uncomfortable with him.  He has always been the perfect gentleman with me, and has treated me like a princess.

Andy loves me through the way he loves our three children.  He only has two here to raise, but he still loves Madison, and talks of her often.  That is one way he loves me.  I LOVE to talk about her, and I love that Andy will do that with me.  He grieves with me…deeply.  He is the best father to our children, and supports me in my care of them on a daily basis.  When he comes home at night, he is husband/dad, nothing else. I love that about him.  I have never met another person so family oriented than he is…

For our anniversary this year, Andy took me to one of our favorite restaurants…just the two of us.  Our littles are old enough to stay home now without a sitter :(.  While we were away, our children set up a party for us, complete with streamers, a “wedding toast” with apple juice, and our wedding video cued up to watch.  It was precious, and one of our best anniversary celebrations ever. 

Here is a short video of the “Party”.

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad


Anita Johnson said...

So cute Kathryn! And Happy Anniversary to wrote a beautiful and honest post about marriage...God is good, isn't He?

Crystal said...

Happy Anniversary!!
Not sure if you remember me, I found my way here from Heidi's blog. We were both in TGR together.

Cassidy said...

What a special anniversary! I love what you wrote about Andy. You have raised amazing children! *hugs* Cass

Deedee said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY you guys! I'm back and only just saw this! Sorry I missed it.

The video and the surprise party were precious! I'm homesick for your house now. :( Wish I could come around for a cuppa! Love ya! - Deeds