Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mini Frittatas….Yummo!

This weekend I spent time revamping the kids’ chore list, and decided that we will get back into a bit of a routine for summer.  We just function so much better as a family when we have a routine.  I love to be flexible, spontaneous, etc., and there is room for that, but I love a routine.

In the midst of trying to work out our summer routine, I decided that in addition to planning my evening menus, I would go back to planning breakfast and lunch menus as well.  There are no surprises for meals when I do that, and it takes away the temptation to throw my littles in the van for a run to Culver’s for a quick lunch…those add up.

So….I’ve been looking at breakfast recipes.  I like the recipes that I can make up the night before and refrigerate, and then bake in the morning while I get ready for the day (which will be 6am from now on…summer or no summer.  Saturday will be our sleep in day as a family).  I like the idea of us all sitting down to breakfast together as a family and having a good, filling meal for that.  I feel like I send Andy off to work with a full stomach, and the kids and I start the day better as well.  Breakfast will consist of dry cereal, oatmeal (the creamy way!), breakfast burritos, breakfast casseroles, pancakes/french toast/waffles, mini frittatas, and just simply eggs and toast some days.  My favorite way to eat eggs is “sunny side up”, and then plop them on top of a mound of shredded hash browns and mix them all up.  My mom taught me to do that, and it is SO good.  I do that in the restaurants when we go for breakfast.  Now I can just do that at home from time to time.

In looking through recipes this week, I found one on a friend’s Facebook for mini-frittatas.  They looked really good, and looked easy to make, so I decided to try it Saturday morning.  The only thing I would be sure to do next time, is spray my muffin pan with cooking spray.  I forgot that on Saturday, and cleanup was a bit of a pain.

Here are the frittatas I made on Saturday…this is taken with my iPhone, so not the greatest picture.

Starbucks 011

I posted this picture on Facebook, and what do you think I got the compliments on? The cool striped tablecloth and blue plates! :)  I LOVE them!  The frattatas didn’t turn out like the picture on the recipe I found, but they sure tasted good (and the picture was taken after I had already eaten one.  Next time I’ll take a picture of the mound of them on the serving platter)!  Maybe this week I’ll find the recipe and post it! :) If…I get any comments telling me to! :)

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