Friday, August 12, 2011

S’more Cups…

I LOVE a campfire.  We don’t have a fire pit, or really any place to have a campfire.  We used to have campfires at my SIL’s house, but that won’t be happening again anytime soon.  So imagine my delight when I discovered a way to have some GREAT s’mores without having a campfire!  Everyone loves s’mores, don’t they?  They are the highlight of every campfire!

I found these darling little s’more cups at Texas Cottage, and I can’t wait to try them this fall.  I may not even be able to wait until fall! They look like so much fun to make!

You can find the recipe here, complete with Sallie’s step by step pictures when she made them! (Original recipe from Pampered Chef)


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Christa said...

Those look REALLY good!!