Monday, October 10, 2011

I LOVE Photography….

I LOVE to take pictures! I LOVE my camera, and I love my most favorite subjects…my littles! Each year I take their school pictures.  I’ll bet we could get much better pictures if we had them done professionally, but this saves us money, I love to do it, and I think they turn out just fine. :)

Saturday, late afternoon, we grabbed some “props”, and my camera bag and set off to find a location.  We settled on a lovely old estate not too far from us.  It’s much smaller than another nearby estate which seems to be my “go to” location.  This one was very nice.  It involved a lovely fountain, and lots of trees.  The colors weren’t as vibrant there as I had hoped they would be, so we’re going to go back out next week to another location, and shoot some more.  The kids REALLY want me to shoot them on a railroad track, so we’ll do that then too. :)

Both of my kids are pretty photogenic (If I do say so myself), but Parker just wants to shoot and get it over with.  I usually only get around 10 shots of him if I’m lucky.  Morgan, on the other hand, WORKS that camera! She is so fun to shoot.  I don’t even have to tell her what to do.  She just poses, and I shoot.  It’s so much fun. 

Here are some of our pictures for our FIRST fall shoot…

    PA080008                     PA080014


     PA080022a                        PA080025a


     PA080042               PA080046

I just think she is stunning :)


     PA080088          PA080109

We got one fun one before Parker pooped out on us… :)


Parker and Daddy went on a hike, and I just shot some pics of my girl for a bit…

PA080073a PA080074a


      PA080117a                PA080127a

Finally…oil painting of brother and sister walking off together…


Can’t wait to take them out again next week!


Anita Johnson said...

So cute Kathryn, I think a mom photographer catches their personalities better than anyone!

Deedee said...

Great job Kath! They are beautiful! (and the pictures are bad either! ;) )