Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Poor Neglected Blog…

***Beware picture heavy post***

Where have I been and what have I been doing?  Enjoying summer! I’ve been hanging out with my kids, vacationing in our favorite beach town, playing for fun, magical weddings, looking at curriculum for fall, getting to know our newest little charge, and just loving life.

We were able to vacation with both sides of my husband’s family this summer…meaning with his brother and kids, and then a few weeks later with his ex-wife and the kids again.  She is like a sister to me, and I love being able to be with her.  Here are some highlights from our week with Andy’s brother…

2012-06-26 Oma & Opa German Anniversary 052a        IMG_4720

IMG_5041        IMG_5048

P6240022        P6240023a1

  2012-06-30 Andrew 035                P6250165a



P6250221 P6300094 P6300009a


Now here are some highlights from our week in our favorite beach town with Cathy and the kids…

IMG_5187       IMG_5296 IMG_5308      IMG_5300

IMG_5230a IMG_5272a P7150025



IMG_5311       IMG_5331 IMG_5361      IMG_5351a


IMG_5461      Morganheadsand 

P6300094        P7150042

P7160005a     P7160016a1


Both vacation weeks were really wonderful…

I babysit a little boy named Grayson.  In May, his momma gave him a new baby sister, and her name is Sparrow Lily-Ruth.  Today was the first day we got to watch her, and of course I could not resist taking some pictures of her darlingness… Morgan especially LOVED having her here, and is a NATURAL at holding babies! :)

August 2, 2012 024   August 2, 2012 025 August 2, 2012 026

August 2, 2012 041    August 2, 2012 062

August 2, 2012 063   August 2, 2012 064

August 2, 2012 065       SparrowLily

sparrowlily3  sparrowlily4 sparrowlily5

That’s all for now, and that is probably PLENTY.  Sorry for all the pictures.  Next time I won’t stay away so long, so my post is not a photo album! :) Be back soon!


Shani said...

Looks like you've had a lovely summer - I'd neglect my blog for all that beachy goodness as well! :) Glad things seem to have settled down for you. Oh, and you're welcome over for tea and a swing on the front porch any time. :)
Shani xxx

Deeds said...

Hiya Kath! Great to catch up with you and all your adventures. I've been neglecting my blog too. I'll have to try and get back on. Our computer is very poorly and we have had to get a new one and are still trying to get it up and running fully. when all sorted out I should be back to my usual bloggy life again. Your new little charge is absolutely darling! I don't blame you one bit for taking a million pics of her! :) Love ya - Deeds

Anita Johnson said...

Welcome back...enjoyed your beautiful photos!