Sunday, October 21, 2012

Not A Magician…But Known For My Disappearing Act!

It seems I have disappeared again! I have good intentions.  I sit down some evenings thinking I should write a blog post, and then I just don’t feel like it, or there are other things that just take priority.  So, long periods of time go by, and I come back to apologize for my disappearing act. :)  Life is busy sometimes…

I sat in a restaurant a week ago with one of my dearest friends in life.  We used to see each other on a regular basis, and then she left my church.  Now we meet in restaurants every few months for a quick lunch, and long talk.  I love those meetings, and look forward to them immensely.  Ellen is my mentor, my spiritual “mom”, one who pours Scripture into my life, one who truly listens, cares about what is on my heart, and talks sense into me. :):)  Besides my husband, she is the one I go to when I have a struggle, or spiritual question.  We have quite a history together.  I am not exaggerating even an iota when I say that this woman is part of the reason that I am still walking this earth.  She walked me through some of the darkest days of my life….again, not exaggerating.  She forgave me when I sinned grievously against her, and is in the truest sense of the word a friend and sister to me.

Last week we were talking over some of that history together, and remarking how God has used it for good in my life, and the opportunities He has given me to minister to others going through what I did.  One comment we keep coming back to is that God only lets us go as far as He ordains before He brings us back to Himself.  Ellen reminded me of the verse in Luke 22 that says, 31 “Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift all of you as wheat. 32 But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.”  Have you ever been sifted?  It is an extremely painful process. No experience in my life compares really…

I feel like we are sort of in that “sifting” process again, in a different way.  It has been one thing after another for us since Christmas, and doesn’t seem to be letting up at all.  The only difference this time, is that my faith is not failing.  Jesus is the Rock in a weary land, the friend that sticks closer than a brother, our shelter in the time of storm, our refuge, our strength, our help, and our HOPE.  All of this is surely making us more like Him, molding us into exactly what He wants us to be, and will as always work out for our good….it’s hard to see that right now, I’ll be honest. And God WILL use what He is teaching us to encourage others, and cause us to be a comfort and help to others as well.  If it weren’t for what I know to be true about God, I would sincerely want to throw in the towel, or yell “uncle” like my sweet nephew Ben :)

There have been rays of sunshine in the process.  Meeting with Ellen was one of them, cards from dear friends thinking about us, phone calls from other friends, our precious small group locking arms with us, and our kids who are a constant source of joy in our lives.  I took them out for some fall pictures a week ago, and though it was REALLY sunny, and REALLY windy, we got a few good ones.  So, lets close this post on a happy note…with some pictures of my lovies…



   PA110058a     PA110062a


     PA110098         PA110102

    PA110104       PA110121


I sincerely look at them some days, and wonder how they grew up so fast.  They were two and three yesterday! :) That handsome boy is in high school now, and about to turn 15 in a couple months.  That sweet girl just turned 13, and is right behind her brother in eighth grade.  They are the sweetest kids ever, the most grateful kids for anything you give them, the most affectionate lovies I’ve ever encountered, and just sincerely wonderful children.  I couldn’t be more grateful and blessed.  I am in love with them…they are MINE :)

I’ll be back soon. This sifting process is exhausting, and life is crazy busy right now, so there’s not much time for blogging.  I would like to blog more about our school this year, things that are happening in our lives, recipes we are trying, etc.  I will try to make more time for that.  In the meantime, prayers would be appreciated…

Pray especially for my husband right now.  He is off work recovering from a surgery that turned out to be horrible.  The recovery has not been pretty, and has actually been quite difficult.  He was supposed to return to work tomorrow, but it’s looking more like mid-week, if that.  He would be grateful for your prayers, as would I.  That job he is going back to is not very secure right now, and I know that weighs heavily on his heart…

See you soon….hope you’re enjoying the last colors of this beautiful fall!

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