Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A New House…And A Tour

I don’t really have a new house, but I feel like I do! I mentioned in my last post about the the great purge and spring clean of 2013.  It is almost finished.  I just have my bedroom, kitchen, and office area to finish, and we will be done.  All of the other areas of the house have been purged, cleaned, and organized.  It really feels like a new house to me.

A friend of mine mentioned her basement being a place of chaos this morning, and that is how I felt about my entire home.  We had accumulated so much stuff, that we were bursting at the seams.  I couldn’t clean the way I like to, because there was so much clutter.  The kids were having sleepovers in the family room because their rooms were terrible.  We were coming dangerously close to being the next contestants on Hoarders…well not that bad…

I have been wanting to purge the house for quite some, but my Beloved really struggles to get rid of things.  I waited for as long as I possibly could, and when he saw how much stress the clutter was causing me, he agreed it was time to do a purge.  He was really amazing the both weekends we worked on it.  He left the rooms when it was hard for him, but he was a great help hauling stuff out for me, and I’m so grateful he agreed to let me do this.  I think he feels better about the house now too! We were able to bless several families with things we no longer used, and several more through stuff we took to the Salvation Army.  That was a great feeling to me.  Even more so, was the ginormous amount of garbage we hauled to the curb last week.  Our garbage men took every bit of it when they picked up garbage!  Yay!!!

So though we aren’t finished, we are finished enough for me to give a little tour of my home…here we go! These are all pictures taken from my phone, so not the best quality Smile

One end of our family room with our huge sectional couch…


The other end of the family room….I love the pass through to the kitchen with the bar stools…


A view of our eating area from the family room…(also our classroom Smile) That bin on the right next to my homeschool shelf is full of old curriculum that I will be getting rid of. Yay! I love the pitcher and large dish on the table. 


The window to the right of the kitchen table is fully shaded now by trees that have grown so tall outside.  I love this window…


Another view of the eating area from the kitchen, and out the window…


Looking into the family room from the eating area…one of my favorite rooms in the house, where we spend most of our time…the chair with the ottoman closest to the fireplace is where I am sitting right now to type this post.  It’s my “spot”. You can see my laptop sitting on the ottoman Smile


Looking into the kitchen from the living room/office area toward the eating area… Morgan’s and my aprons hang there in the doorway.


Looking through to the living room, and our newly painted front door…


I don’t have a foyer, so it was very important to me that this entryway was cleaned up and organized.  There is not much space there.  I had a rack for our winter boots, and just exchanged the boots for flip-flops and summer shoes! My Beloved let me buy the cool umbrella basket, and that really made that area look neater.


Here’s another view of the basket…I really like it! We got it on clearance at Pier 1 Imports, and it will be great for umbrellas and ice scrapers (since we don’t have a garage)


One more of the basket next to my lovely piano…we are actually housing this for a friend who had no place to put it, and we’ve had it for over ten years. Smile I’m hoping it stays a lot longer!


Relaxing in my clean living room, stress free! Now I actually enjoy playing that piano again!


Another favorite spot in our house.  This is a table that sits in front of our front window.  It holds pictures of my Lovies, and our dear Arizona cousins (who are the only ones that provide us with pictures), and the plants that my daughter is raising.  It is so lovely, and even more so now that it is clean and uncluttered.


That is all for now.  I’ll take some pictures in the kitchen, office area, and maybe a couple of my bedroom once it’s all done.  I have a beautiful doorway to my master bath that has two large windows in it.  I have been meaning to make curtains for years, because the poor person in the bathroom has no privacy, and the light shines right into the bedroom if someone goes in there during the night.  I got the idea to cover the windows with a pretty patterned contact paper that matches the doors, and I’m going to do that this weekend.  It will give the room privacy, and no blaring light during the night. So I’ll share a picture of that when it’s done.

Thanks for coming on my home tour! I really love this little house now, and I’m content to stay here for as long as the Lord would have us do that!

I hope you enjoy the new look on the blog too!


Kelly said...

Everything looks so clean and pretty! I love that umbrella basket, that was a good find! :) And the red door is really inviting.

Anonymous said...

Just tried to leave a comment and something went wrong. I'll try again.

Your house looks wonderful!! Brought back many happy memories of our day with you. :)

Brought a few tears to my eyes as well as I could picture my beautiful Butterfly sitting at your table eating pizza and playing Apples to Apples with us all on the sectional. :(

I love your new colour front door! Very pretty!! And the flowers on your porch are called Pansies. I have four pots of them in a very pale lemon colour around my front door!! :)

Love ya my friend. - Deeds

Anita Johnson said...

My computer issues have made it difficult to visit my favorite blogs...I hope to have a new computer by the weekend. thank you for sharing photos from your home...it is beautiful! Fun to see where people blog from too. I need to do some purging too, but it may have to wait 'til fall!