Saturday, November 2, 2013

We “Broke” Our Nearly 16 Year Record…

No pun intended! I have bragged a bit at times that our kids are nearly 16 and 14, and we have never had stitches or broken bones…until now.

Parker was playing outside yesterday after lunch at the place he takes his elective courses for school.  He slipped on wet grass, and hit is knee on a small wall surrounding the playground.  His teacher asked if he was ok, and he seemed to be.  He walked back into the building and went to his last three classes.  He called me just shortly before I was due to go pick him up, and told me what happened.  He said, “Mom, it hurt so bad I thought I was going to throw up”.  I jumped in the car immediately, because vomiting or passing out are typical symptoms when you break a bone…this I know from experience myself.

I drove the nearly 30 minutes to get to him.  He was sitting in the gym waiting for me.  I was able to get him out to the van, but it hurt for him to put any weight on his left leg.  This from the kids who has the most incredible tolerance for pain I’ve ever seen.  He’s had some pretty horrible injuries over the years, and now I’m wondering if they were much worse than we suspected, because we never heard a peep out of him!

Long story short…we went to the ER last night, had an x-ray, and Parker has fractured his tibia! Sad smile The doctor took me back to look at the x-rays, and there it was.  If I hadn’t seen it for myself, I wouldn’t have believed it.  I was totally shocked.  The doctor was concerned as to how he could be walking on it, and how he could have relatively no pain when she moved his leg around. 


You can see that the bone is cracked wider toward the surface, and then tapers off as it moves into the bone.  Thankfully it was not a complete break. The doctor was amazed that he was not in more pain.  I’m actually grateful he isn’t.

Parker was fitted with a brace that goes from his hip to just above his left ankle.  He was given STRICT instructions to stay off of his leg and keep it elevated until we are able to get him an appointment with an orthopedic doctor. We will do that this week.  He’s pretty bummed, but doing all right.  I have pain meds on the ready if he starts to have it.  He’s following his doctor’s instructions, so hopefully that will keep the pain at bay.

Here he is in the recliner last night…this will be his spot for until he is able to be up and on his leg again Sad smile. He only gets up to venture down the hall to the loo. I’m even letting him sleep on the family room couch so he doesn’t have to get up to go to bed.


Will keep you posted on how he’s doing!


Anita Johnson said...

Poor guy! I hope he is back on his feet soon! I have been catching up on your blog here today, hope all else is well.

Kelly said...

Oh no, that is terrible! I can't believe that he isn't in horrible pain. That's unbelievable.