Saturday, March 1, 2014

Date Day??

We’ve never really been fans of “Date Night.”  We’re usually tired in the evenings, and don’t feel like standing in lines for dinner.  I’ve never been one of those moms that felt like I needed a break from my kids…I LOVE being with them. Sincerely. We have pretty much included the kids when we’ve gone out, except on our anniversary celebrations.  We just love spending time together all four of us. 

Andy and I talked this week about the concept of a breakfast date, as we would both really prefer that.  I LOVE breakfast, so does he, and we are rested and refreshed that time of day.  It would most likely occur on a weekend, so neither of us will have to work that day.  We talked to the kids also about feeling like we need a date time especially for us more regularly.  It would not be to get away from them or take a break from them, rather to just have the private time to talk through anything we need to, and just be together as a couple.

We decided to start today! I had to drive Andy to his office to prepare some things for a trip next week.  Afterwards we decided to find a place for “brunch.”  There was a place a few minutes away that we had heard about.  We had tried to go there another time, but it was closed.  The restaurant only serves breakfast and lunch, so they close early.  Today they were open.  When we walked in, I was surprised to see white tablecloths on the tables, and it being a bit more “fancy” than I expected.  We made our menu choices and waited for our meals to come.  While we waited, I had a cup of the BEST coffee. Yum!

I ordered Seafood Eggs Benedict, and this is how it was presented!


It was served with salmon, spuds, and a side of cinnamon apple sauce.  It was so delicious.  The eggs were poached perfectly, the salmon was moist and yummy, and the hollandaise was so good!

Andy had a dish called “The Bandito”, and this is how his was presented…


It had chorizo sausage, salsa, spuds, chives, cheese, and green chili peppers in it, with two sunny side up eggs on top.  It was also served with an order of rye toast.  Andy had a small glass of citrus peach juice!

We loved our breakfast date, and plan on doing this one Saturday every month, maybe more if we can swing it.  We have a couple suggestions from friends/family for other great breakfast spots.  I’ll let you know if we find any other good places!

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Susan Payton said...

Well just blogging around and found your blog. Now after looking at your page, it made me hungry. Wonderful pictures and wonderful looking food. Every blog I visit is like meeting someone new. Thanks for letting me visit.