Saturday, April 28, 2012

I’m Still Here…

It seems my husband and I went away for a weekend, and I never came back.  I’m sorry for the disappearing act.  We have had much to do, much on our minds, and there has been no time for blogging.

We are currently praying through what we’re going to do with our children in the fall, as far as school goes.  My son will be in high school, and I’m just not sure I am confident enough to carry either child through that at home.  I’ve had several home schooling friends cheering me on, so we’re still in the praying stages.  Our co-op will be offering some classes that will be a great help to me, so we’ll see what happens.

Speaking of my boy, he is now towering 5 inches over me.  He has this incredibly deep voice, and he’s wearing men’s size clothes.  He is eating me out of house and home.  He is still my darling, precious, sensitive young man, and I love being his momma :)


My girl is 12, and will be heading into 8th grade in the fall.  She is still really tiny, and has gorgeous long hair that I hope to never cut much shorter than it is. :)  She is delicious! She and I have a very close relationship, and I love how she comes and talks to me when she has something on her mind.  I feel like I have accomplished something as a mom if my kids feel comfortable doing that.  We have had some pretty amazing conversations about life and God lately…I love it!


And my husband…That weekend we had in March, it was INCREDIBLE.  I have never been so in love with this man as I am today.  Our kids ended up having to come home early that weekend because of a snowstorm up north that knocked out the power.  But they didn’t come home before their daddy and I had some quality time together.  I loved every minute of having him all to myself, and I can’t wait until we have another chance to do that.  We just passed the 18th anniversary of the day I fell in love with Andy, and all of these pictures I’m posting today were taken at the place that happened.  Our kids got in on the photo taking, so MadisonE Photography now seems to be a family affair. :)  One of our little photographers is obsessed with making her parents kiss for EVERY shot, so excuse our PDA…I think she’s darling, and it gives her confidence that her momma and daddy are very much in love still :)  She’s pretty good with the camera as well.  She tried different posing techniques I have taught her, and I love how her shots turned out. Here are a few she took of us.



See? I told you she is a big fan of the kissing shots.  Here is one of my favorites she took with the tilting technique.  We’re almost standing sideways, but she captured a lovely moment…


I have to tell you a little story about that day.  I am always a little sad when we go on special family outings, and one of my little darlings is missing.  Truth is, she never came home with us, so she has NEVER been a part of our special gatherings.  It doesn’t mean I don’t think about her and wonder what she would add to our pictures, how she’d look at almost sixteen years old, and we try to at least remember her so we feel like she is a part of our day. 

I’m sure I’ve mentioned on this blog before that I LOVE butterflies.  I associate butterflies a lot with Madison, because the song “Butterfly Kisses” came out the year she passed away, and about put my poor man over the edge.  He could not make it through that song without tears, and God help us if he should ever hear it in public. The “ugly cry” would quickly ensue.  And since I can’t keep a dry eye when I see others crying, we would often be a blubbering mess together! I got several little tokens from people, with butterflies on them, when Madison passed away.  We also chose a little girl playing with butterflies for the picture on her gravestone.  Get the point? We’re BIG butterfly fans.

We were doing a little family photo shoot in front of our favorite restaurant in this town we were visiting.  I was shooting Parker (with the camera :), and Morgan said, “Look momma, a beautiful butterfly”.  She went racing for Andy’s camera, and I quickly turned and shot the butterfly right before it flew away from us.  It may sound crazy to you, but it was a reminder from God not to forget my girl, and another grace from Him to remind me that she is not missing ANYTHING.  She is with Him, and that is the BEST place to be.  Yes, me miss her, but God has been faithful to give us beautiful ways to remember her, and this was such a gift to my momma’s heart.  Here is our beautiful little friend… I found out later that it is a Red Admiral.  SO pretty…


I hope you enjoyed the pictures, and I promise I will try hard not to disappear again!  Happy spring to all of my blogging friends!


Deeds said...

Welcome back Kath! Missed you in blogland!! :) Thanks for sharing that wonderful story. As you know Butterflys are special to us to for a similar reason. *sniff, sniff* While I was in Israel last summer I had a special story too. I had a text from my guys to say they had a 'special sighting' back here at home! I was so happy and so jealous too. The very next day we were in Bethlehem for the day and as we came out from the restraunt after lunch - there on the wall was a huge, beautiful butterfly!! I snapped a quick picture and then cried and cried. It was like a gift from God directly. - Deeds

Anita Johnson said...

Glad to see you are back! Nice to see the family updates too. We have had many Red Admirals here too...always a treat for me too! Happy Spring!

morningstar said...

What a lovely story! ( both the butterfly and your love story!)
I can relate to your high school homeschool jitters. Child #3 is graduating from homeschool next week. And all I can say is that it is a blessing. YES it was difficult. YES there were days ( sometimes weeks) that I wanted to put them in public school. Mostly because I just felt I was not doing a good job.
The silver lining? My kids have told me ( after a year or two in college) how much they appreciate what we did. How even when they did not like it they are now thankful we taught them how to study and most importantly how to put the Lord first in their lives.
Keys to getting through high school? That much needed mentor. A family who has been there done that. One that has the same ideals as you. A good coop that offers a balanced selection of academic as well as art classes. A plan. Know what your state requires for graduation. Plan out 4 years loosly. Example: 4 English, 2 literature, 3 Maths, 3 Lab Sciences, 2 Forgeign language, Am History, World History, Government, Economics, 2 PE and music and art. If you have a road map it helps!
Okay now I have gotton long winded! So glad you are back in blog world.