Thursday, May 31, 2012

Laundry Room….not “Catch All”

My friend Heidi posted a picture of her clean laundry room on her blog.  It inspired me to do something about my own.  We don’t have a basement, so for over a year our laundry room has been the “catch all” for anything and everything.  I walked in there today to do something, and couldn’t do it for all the junk that was in the way.  So…I decided to do something about it. 

After the dinner dishes were cleaned up tonight, I asked my amazing husband if he would help me with the laundry room.  I needed his strong arms to carry things out.  My man is NOT a fan of getting rid of things, so I knew this would be hard.  It was not. Amazingly, he told me he would get rid of anything I wanted him to.  Woohoo! He’s so wonderful! He lugged armful after armful of garbage and “stuff” out to the living room, and helped me bag it.  He broke down boxes, and stuffed a MILLION plastic grocery bags into a big garbage bag (those will be headed to our church’s food bank for food distribution). 

Just an hour later, I am AMAZED at the change! I can walk the whole length of the laundry room with NO obstacles! I can get to, AND open the door to the outside! I can get to my laundry tub and stand in front of it.  I am actually more organized than I’m sounding right now, so you have to know that that room was DRIVING ME CRAZY. I am SO thankful to have it cleaned up.  I can’t wait to do laundry tomorrow! Well…maybe that’s going too far. :)

I wish I had a before picture, but I would be too embarrassed to show you.  But…I DO have an after shot.  The little area over the sink still needs to be decluttered, and I will do that tomorrey :)

May 31, 2012 004

Only vacuum cleaners, coolers, and wash buckets on the floor now.  I am so happy with our results. :)

I will return tomorrow for a post on what has been going on with our family during the month it has been since I posted again.  I’m sorry I keep disappearing! We are in a season of craziness right now.  We have one more commitment/ministry to finish up with at church, and then we will officially start our summer break.

We are practicing a little “reverse engineering” in our family, and I will explain all of that to you.  As I posted on Facebook today, this is my plan for a God-glorifying summer…

“Reverse engineering - making this summer count for Jesus. There will be less time on Facebook (and possibly blog), more time in the Word, reading this stack of books I've never gotten to, helping my kids grow closer to Jesus, and keeping up with responsibilities as God would have me do. And...loving more this gift of grace that is my husband...”  We will celebrate 17 years of marriage this month :)

See you soon…grace to all of you!


Deeds said...

Well done my friend! The room looks GREAT! Missing you around but glad it is for good reasons. Luv ya! - Deeds

Heidi said...

Kathy, The laundry room looks great! Mine needs some attention again, but now that school is done, I'm going to tackle the remaining piles with a vengeance! I like your summer to-do list too! Talk to you soon!