About Me

Hello, Welcome to my blog, Protecting The Seeds.  My name is Kathryn.  I am married to the love of my life, Andrew.  We will celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary in June 2017.  We have 3 children.

Our daughter Madison was born still on August 26, 1996, and is with Jesus.  There is not a day that goes by that we do not miss her beautiful face, her precious little nose, and the wonderful moments we got to hold and love on her before we had to let her go. 

Our son Parker was born on December 17, 1997.  He was born before his lungs were ready, so he spent his first 5 days in the NICU.  But, Praise God he got well, and came home with us.  He is now 19 years old, and is working for the summer and starting college in the fall.

Our daughter Morgan was born on September 9, 1999.  She is a bubbly, life-loving little girl.  We have some great mommy/daughter moments, and she is my best little helper.  She is now 17 years old, and just graduated from high school. She will also be starting college in the fall.

I am a musician.  I love to play for weddings, our church services each week, and sometimes have to play for funerals.  I am currently the music admin at our church.  I really enjoy that job!

I love to write, and have been told by several people that I should write Madison's story and the years following it.  I have a title already in my mind, I'm just waiting for God's leading in that adventure.

I LOVE photography!  It is my newest hobby.  My hubby bought me a really nice camera a few years ago, and I have really enjoyed putting it to use.  I've taken over all of our family photos, including the kids' school pictures.  I love to take candid, and scenery shots best, but I also like portraits.  I've used them for gifts, to hang in my home, and just for enjoyment looking at them.  They'll never win a contest, but they are special to me!

I was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia in January of this year.  It is chronic pain and it is not fun. I'm in the beginning stages, but have not gone a day without pain in months. It has changed our lives in more ways than one.

If you want to know anything else about me, feel free to ask!  I love blogging, and I love sharing what God has laid on my heart with you!  I hope you will stop by again!

Love, Kathryn