Saturday, October 1, 2011

I Love Fall!!!

Haven’t been around the blog for a bit, so I thought I should pop in and say hello! I’m cleaning my house today, and FINALLY getting my decorations out…all 3 of them! :) I’ve never really collected fall decorations, so what I have is just from gifts I’ve been given.  Here are a couple pictures of what I put out today.  These tables are both in the family room, which is where we spend most of our time.

October 1, 2011 003

I don’t even know where I got that little apple, but it’s cute just sitting on that table with my littles :)

The apples on the next table I got from a “Secret Sister” that sent me a whole package of fall stuff one year.  These sit on a hope chest in our family room that sort of serves as a coffee table/foot rest.  That is my favorite fall candle from Yankee Candle in the middle.  It’s called “Autumn Leaves”.  Next to my very favorite which is “Cinnamon” at Christmas time, I just love the smell of the autumn candle.  It’s so beautiful…

October 1, 2011 004

I was moving some stuff around today and found these coasters.  I received them as a Christmas gift years ago.  I love them, because each coaster has a place for a picture under the glass. I have been filling them with fall 2010 pics  of my littles, and they are so much fun to see when I go to use one with my cup of tea.  I moved them into the family room today, and set them on the table that is next to my favorite chair.  Now I will see their smiling faces each time I have a cup of coffee/tea! I love them!

October 1, 2011 001 

October 1, 2011 002

Post some of your favorite things, or fall decorations, and I’ll come and check them out!  Happy fall everyone! Can you believe it’s October??? :)

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Tina said...

I love your cute and simple fall decor! The picture stand is amazing. Nice to be able to switch it up!