Saturday, January 21, 2012

Weekly Menus…

I have talked about my cooking software on this blog before.  For Christmas this year, my husband bought me the latest update. It has made my meal/menu planning that much easier, and I absolutely love the software.  It is so easy to make up menus, generate grocery lists, and print up menus/recipes so they are on hand and ready to go each week.  I thought I would start sharing my menus on my blog again.  You’ll see that my meals are very easy, and don’t involve a lot of preparation.  I’m not a great cook, so “easy” is my theme song. :) I’ll post my menus each week, and if you see a recipe you think you’d be interested in, let me know and I’ll post that too.  I get many of my recipes from other blogs and websites, so I’ll give credit to those sites, and you can visit them…especially if I have to “tweak” the recipe at all for our tastes. 

So…here is our dinner menu for this coming week.  The picture is of our dish for Thursday night ~ Three Cheese Pasta Bake.


Sunday ~ Cheese Dreams

Monday ~ Amy’s Chicken  Casserole
               Green Beans

Tuesday ~ BLTs

Wednesday ~ Creamy Velvet Chicken Soup

Thursday ~ Three Cheese Pasta Bake
                 Green Beans

Friday ~ Tacos
              Refried Beans

Saturday ~ Pizza

Sunday evenings we get home late, so we need something quick and easy.  Cheese dreams are very easy to make, and we will either have those on Sunday evenings, or Sloppy Joes, or hot dogs.  Something quick and easy.  Saturday evenings will be pizza night at our house.  We start with simple frozen pizzas, and buy the toppings to doctor them up.  I tried making a whole pizza from scratch once, and it didn’t go well.  It’s easier to just buy a frozen cheese pizza, and add what we like.

I am also planning our breakfast/lunch menus, but those items are the same every week.  There is enough variety that we won’t get bored, and again, I needed things on the list that are easy and quick to prepare.  We home school here, so I don’t have a lot of time to prepare extravagant breakfasts and lunches.  I want something good, healthy, and filling, and I think I have come up with those things in my menus.  All that to say, since they’re the same every week, I’ll just share our dinner menus with you.

Don’t forget to comment if you would like the recipe for one of our meals!


Kelly said...

What are cheese dreams?

Kathryn said...

Cheese dreams are hamburger buns cut in half, with cheese whiz spread on them (or grated cheddar cheese), topped with 1-2 small squares of bacon. They go under the broiler until the cheese is golden and bacon looks cooked. My mom made them for us as kids, and my kids love them too.