Thursday, October 3, 2013

Our Nation’s Capitol…Day One…

Warning: LONG post and LOTS of pictures Smile

My Love and I had the opportunity to go to Washington D.C. a couple weeks ago for a family wedding.  It was an all expenses paid trip, or we would not have been able to do it. We were very grateful to be able to go.  My husband and I have not been away by ourselves in quite some time, so it was so nice to get away with him.  My parents took care of the Lovies, so we were all set.

We flew to D.C. and were picked up at the airport by Andy’s brother and Dad who had already arrived the night before.  We drove to Bethesda, MD and checked into the Hyatt Hotel.  It was GORGEOUS! Our room was on the 6th floor, and was quite lovely.  Here are a few pictures of the lobby…

IMG_4773       IMG_4774       IMG_4775

Here is the view from our room…We looked down on a beautiful fountain and the entrance to the metro…


The first evening we were there we rode the metro into the city to see a Washington Nationals baseball game.  I didn’t really groove on the metro ride, or the escalator that took us down to it.  I got quite claustrophobic… The last picture is blurry because it was a rough ride!

IMG_4784       IMG_4786      IMG_4787

The game was really fun.  We had two suites for the game, and the food was wonderful.  Here are some pictures from the game…

Can you find me in this picture? It’s kind of like “Where’s Waldo?” If you need a hint, scroll down to see what I was wearing that night…


FIL, SIL, and MIL at game…


Lots of great food…and a great view of the game!


These young people sang the National Anthem, and they were amazing! I always cry when I hear the anthem, and I was about in a full on ugly cry here.  It was so beautiful…probably one of my most favorite arrangements ever.  They just sang it straight, no liberties, and I loved it.


A lovely tribute, and another ugly cry…


Brothers watching the game together, and Baby Evelyn

      IMG_0242            IMG_0254

Duck Dynasty meets Washington Nationals Smile


And a picture of my Love and I at the game…


We did a LOT of walking that evening, and after a day of travel and fun we were tired.  Andy snapped this picture of his parents on the metro when we were heading back to the Hyatt.  They were exhausted!


We had a great first day in D.C. I’ll write later about day two and the wedding festivities! Stay tuned…

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