Saturday, June 7, 2014

End of School Year and Another Mini Trip

My Lovies are finishing up their coursework this weekend, and are preparing to take finals next week. After that, summer break will be upon us. I’m hoping to have more time to blog over the summer, and more time to take pictures with my new camera.  I got a Canon Rebel for Christmas, and so far taking pictures with it has been really fun!

My nephew got married last weekend, so we got to spend some time on Lake Michigan, one of our favorite places on earth.  I will NEVER need an ocean.  I’d take Lake Michigan over the ocean any day.  There is just something about it…it’s so special to us. We were able to take a walk on the beach, stick our feet in the water, walk on a pier with a light house, watch the boats come in off of the lake, and experience our first sunburn of 2014. Smile  It was a great weekend, and we got some nice pictures.  I’ll share them with you…

My three Loves outside of our hotel…


My Lovies at the boat marina that was next to our hotel…


My Love at the marina…


Me at the marina…I loved the white adirondack chairs!


My Love and I at the marina…


        My Lovies on the beach…       

      IMG_0260sat        IMG_0266sat

A walk on the pier to the lighthouse. You can see Morgan in the dark outfit at the back of the group…


Sticking our feet in the water…super cold!


So….after this coming week I will officially have a junior and sophomore in high school! Time is going way too quickly.  The kids are growing up way too fast.  I love these moments we get to spend together in places we love.  There is no one on earth I’d rather spend time with than these three people God has given to me to live life with!

I’ll be back soon to post our summer shenanigans!

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Michelle said...

I do believe your family is having a great summer.

I look forward to reading more of your posts.

I am making a comeback to blogging, after being away for a while.