Wednesday, February 25, 2015

It’s Been A While…Again

I don’t know why I can’t seem to keep up with this blog! Four months have gone by since my last post, and a lot has happened.  In my last post I mentioned starting a new eating lifestyle.  I have gone grain free, wheat free, sugar free, and I have limited my carbs and dairy as well.  I noticed changes right away.  Here are a couple pictures…the first ones were taken as beginning shots.  The second set is just two months in.  I’m feeling so much better too!


IMG_7697    IMG_7700

Two months in…

IMG_8014    IMG_8012

Not a huge difference, but I can definitely see changes.  Those jeans were a bit tight on me at that point, but I can hardly keep them up now. Smile Here is one more picture taken the end of November.  I can definitely tell a difference from the picture of me on the beach in the last post. WOOHOO!


Another really cool thing is that I became a Jamberry Nail Consultant.  If you have never tried these wraps, you have got to! They are vinyl wraps that go right on your nail with heat.  There is no dry time, no chipping, etc.  There are so many fun designs to choose from, and you get 2 pedis and 2 manis on each sheet. The wraps will last 2 weeks or more on your nails! Here is a picture of my first jamicure!


If you would like to see what Jamberry is all about, check out my website! You can find me at  I hope you’ll stop by.  The new spring/summer catalog is coming out on March 1st, and there are some gorgeous new wraps! If you’re on Facebook I’d LOVE to do a party with you.  The hostess rewards for Jamberry are phenomenal! Here is what our new sample/accent nail sheet looks like!


So that’s the short of what’s been happening since October! I’ll be back soon to tell you more!

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