Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Behold Our God…

I have not been blogging much lately.  It seems in life there are seasons that are busy, and others that are not. I just came through a season that was very busy.  We are done with church programs for the year, we’re done with school for the year (except for catching up a bit of math), and that allows more time to be on the computer.  Our summer vacation has officially begun, and I could not be more ready for it.  This was an exhausting year in many ways, a trying year in many ways, a frustrating year in some ways, a heart breaking year in some ways, and a confusing year in some ways.  But in all of those things God proved to be faithful, trustworthy, gracious, and GOOD…just like He’s always been.  I hope to be around my blog more in the coming weeks, and I hope I have things to share that are worthy of you stopping by to read.

Sunday we introduced a song to our congregation that has been on my mind since.  Because I’m the music admin at our church, I have the responsibility of copying our music and getting it ready for Sunday.  That means I see it ahead of time, and a lot of times I listen to it ahead of time if it’s new and I need to learn a piano part.  This was one of those songs.  I listened to it all week. 

I want to share the song with you, because the words are so powerful, and the melody is different but lovely.  It was a very easy song for the congregation to pick up, and many said it will become a favorite, much like “Before The Throne” has been.

I hope you enjoy it…. “Behold Our God”

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