Monday, June 13, 2011

A Few Lovely Things…

I don’t often have fresh flowers around, and certainly not many plants because I have been known to kill them :(.  Occasionally Morgan will go on a walk with daddy, and will bring back some fresh flowers from her travels.  She did that yesterday.  She decided to put them in a little glass pot that was sitting on our kitchen counter, and then made a pretty little centerpiece out of it with a couple mason jars she found in the pantry.  I’m going to try to find some colored rocks to fill the jars with that match the tablecloth.  Until I do, I think it looks lovely as is…I love her creativity.

Tablescape 116

I got some lovely vintage juice glasses from my Grandma’s collection a few months ago.  I only got four of them, and I’m so afraid they’re going to break that I don’t use them often. :(  I got them out for breakfast this morning… aren’t they lovely?

Tablescape 114

I’m trying to get more creative in making our house lovely with what we have, and not spending a ton of money to do it.  I love that Morgan has some great ideas too!

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Deeds said...

Beautiful! Tell Morgan that she has a really good eye for flowers. I did the same thing when I was a child, bringing in all sorts of wildflowers in 'bouqets' for my Mom. Then I grew up to become a florist and even did all the flowers for my own wedding!!

Those glasses truly are beautiful, and I hope you enjoy them more. I have long since realised that even if things break, it is better to have used and enjoyed them as much as possible first. Everything will end one day, fear that it will can stop us from enjoying anything along the way!! (((HUGS))) - Deeds